Let me explain my family real quick

Okay, so I figured that I should make a post about my family and the crazy relations before I delve too far. All in all I have 15 siblings but, not a single one is full blooded and only 6 of which are step siblings. Even weirder, my first cousins are also my siblings. My father has a brother and my father married his brother’s ex wife. My great grandma is referred to as grandma and my grandma is my nana. I have 2 uncles but the ages are a little odd. grandma has my nana and B. B is 36 years younger than his sister and only 4 years younger than my mother. My mother’s brother is closer to my age with only about 6 years apart. We both grew up with our uncles that were close enough in age to be our brothers.

So first of My mother was 16 when she had me (all of the women besides me have had children really early in life) and she had dropped out of high school along with her new husband. They only got married because I was conceived. Five years later, my brother is born but his father is another man. Things get really hairy (more on this later) and my father tries to kill my mother and I don’t see him for a while (due to jail time but, not for long).

We then go to live with my great grandmother (grandma) for about 6 months before we move in with her long time lover. This man is responsible for my little sister about 5 years later and most of my horrors. After about 6 years of living with him (in Hell) we all go live in a homeless shelter before getting picked up by grandma again.

This time I notice that my grandmother is not as nice as she seems. We have several fights and she was consistently verbally abusive but, she did become physical at times. My mother leaves and goes on her own. She has several men before settling with another terrible man. After this man and several years of relapse with this man, she gets with my new stepfather. Things are better but this is how she accumulated 6 step children. Years later they also have another daughter… This child is 20 years apart from me and I have never met her.

My father had several wives as well and to his second wife, he had 3 children and only one of which is still living with him. His third wife is his current wife; this is the woman who was previously my aunt. She had 3 kids. This is the quickest way to explain the important facts about my crazy family and relations.

Thank you for reading 🙂


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