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It was a good day

Today was a pretty good day; we had some friends that stayed the night last night. When we got up, we all sat around and played a bunch of games and got to talk and hang out. They even got me to try my first taste of brandy; all I can really say was it burned. Nothing really came out of that other than them all laughing at my face… I don’t drink.

We followed the day up with partying, playing more role playing games, and getting food out all together. Poor girl (the waitress) had a rough night. When we went in, (at 3am mind you) she had roughly 4 other parties and she was by herself. One of my friends also decides to get a 7×7 sandwich from Steak n Shake. After all of our order was taken, I counted up that we (the 4 of us) had all just asked her to tell the one and only cook that an order of 4 people just got 22 patties. The cook was not too happy but, we did our best to keep her in good spirits. We even left her a $15 dollar tip to try and apologize. We then went home and my boyfriend and I had a really nice fire and time to play with our dog. It definitely made up for the last few days.

Thank you for reading.


On a lighter note

Today was a much better day. I just finished my sociology class and started my childhood psychology class today. I finished ┬ámy previous class with a 98% A which made me pretty happy. (I go to an online school due to my 24/7 ‘job’ as a caretaker) Childhood psychology should be an easy class for me thankfully. I spent many years learning about psychology and biology which is the basis of this class along with development. I only have two more classes before I go back in the field and boy am I excited! I also had fun playing a tad geeky game called World of Darkness. World of Darkness is a game similar to D&D but, it is focused on horror and role-play more than turn based combat. We have been playing this particular story-line for a little over 2 years and we are coming to the end of the game.

I did have one downside however because I managed to injure myself yesterday. Now, I should elaborate first on why this would happen; I have something called Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. This, at least in my type (III), causes me to be hyper-mobile and I dislocate very easily and I have to train my muscles to make up for my joints. (My shoulders dislocate, or at least sublux, 4-6 times a day. Think of my joints as an old overstretched rubber band.) I was working out at the gym and I went to the dead-lift bar and I forgot to remove the weights before lowering the bar below my head. (Our gym has an assist bar that has the barbell set on cables to make sure that the person doesn’t get injured when they are without a spotter) This caused my back to dislocate in several places along with my shoulders.

Is there any questions you have for me or anything you would like to see me write about? Let me know! Thank you for reading, have a wonderful night/day.