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Today’s lesson plan creation

In class today, we were given the task of creating a way to teach children about conservation. Now, there are several different types of conservation. When I think of conservation, I think of saving water and planet protection. So for my activity, I created an ‘obstacle course’ that the children would go through in order to water the plant at the end.

First, the students would form groups and have a fixed amount of water. Next, I would show each student how much water (using a cup with a pre-drawn water line) is needed to water the plant. Then, the children would go down the line pouring however much water they think that they should in the cups provided. At the end, each student would pour their remaining water into the cup with the water line to see if they properly saved enough water back. Those that succeed would then get a prize or candy of some sort.

So, I have been debating about trying out a website called TeachersPayTeachers.com. This website is intended for teachers to create, share, and sell products such as: lessons, lesson plans, decorations, and activities. I have already received many free products from this site and I may start up my own account. I will let everyone know if I do and link my profile later on if I do.

Thanks for reading!